RVL Demo Videos

Have a look at the first two RVL demo videos to learn about the basic principles of the RDFS/OWL Visualization Language (RVL):

RVL – Demo #1 – PropertyMappings and ValueMappings

RVL – Demo #2 – IdentityMappings and Mapping of Value Intervals

Scheduled next videos:

  • RVL – Demo #3 – Using Submappings to Map Connector Attributes
    • Composing mappings based on the role of graphic objects
    • Setting connector width, color, shape
  • RVL – Demo #4 – Labeling and Label Positioning
    • Labeling nodes
    • Labeling connectors
    • Labeling labels
  • RVL – Demo #5 – Mapping to other Graphic Relations
    • While we started with node-link diagrams for simplicity, RVL is not limited to the  graphic relations “Linking”, “Labeling” and “Containment”. On the contrary: a broad palette of alternative graphic relations such as  “Relative Position” (Clustering), “Separation by a Separator” and “Alignment” and  “Adjacency” that are described in the Visualization Ontology (VISO) should follow.
  • RVL – Demo #6 – OWL- and RDFS-specific Mappings
    • Mapping Domain-Range relations between classes
    • Mapping further class level relations  such as universal and existential restrictions