RDFS/OWL Visualisation Language (RVL) published

An initial version of the RDFS/OWL Visualisation Language (RVL), which was developed as part of my PhD thesis has been published at the HSWI13 (Workshop on Human-Semantic Web Interaction). The slides can be found within an internal report and on slideshare (see below).

Download RVL paper (authors version)




Abstract: Information on how to visualize RDF data is stored differently by each visualization tool to date. We propose the RDFS/OWL Visualization Language (RVL), a declarative language for sharing visualization settings as simple as CSS styles. The mapping definitions can be given a URI and shared along with the data to be visualized, they can be composed, extended and reused. The declarative approach has the benefit that this can be done independently of specific platforms. Unlike styling or presentation languages for RDF or pure visualization languages, RVL combines rich visual mapping capabilities with the direct awareness of RDFS/OWL language constructs.

The documentation of RVL can be accessed at http://purl.org/rvl/ (work in progress). Prototypical tooling for language is currently built and will be published on this blog.